Safety & Security Procedures

Security Ambassadors

Security Ambassadors monitor the activities of CityLine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Security Operations Center is located on the first floor of Two CityLine within the garage. You will also be greeted by these Ambassadors while they patrol the garages, plaza and all exterior areas via CityLine vehicles or while stationed in the building lobbies of One, Two and Three CityLine. As Ambassadors of CityLine, these individuals will provide guidance in navigating throughout the property and emergency. In the event that an employee or visitor cannot access the State Farm or retail suite, Security Ambassadors will direct these individuals to the Security Operations Center located in Two CityLine where the designated tenant representative will be contacted for proper direction.

Please notify security and CityLine Management of any personnel changes immediately, as changes occur.

CityLine Management Office: (972) 739-5080
Security: (972) 907-3999

For security reasons, anyone not having a key to your suite or offices, including your employees, will not be admitted by CityLine Management personnel or a security ambassador.